A private not-for-profit legal entity which provides an effective consultancy and comprehensive advisory services for Polish agri-businesses and individual farmers in order to help to establish their agri-businesses successfully from the start, to develop it effectively, and to stimulate its growth in future, ensuring economic viability. Their main goal is to improve the livelihoods of farmers by offering them the best and most professional and personalised advice in the field of agriculture and according to the context of their own business needs and aspirations.

www: https://farm-advisory.eu/en/

Natalia Truszkowska

Natalia Truszkowska is an active practitioner of the PRINCE 2 Project Management Qualification. She has a BA Degree in Spanish and German and holds a Master‘s Degree in International Business Management with a specialisation in small and medium sized enterprises and female entrepreneurship. In addition to that, she has professional experience in the area of rural development and agriculture. Mrs. Truszkowska has managed and worked on many EU funded projects for ten years, gaining experience in project development, implementation, management, and coordination at Brussels level. These projects have spanned across a variety of issues and challenges in relation to vocational education and training, adult learning, and youth actions.

Klaudia Liszewska

Mrs. Klaudia Liszewska is a graduate of English Philology in the field of Translation and Information Technology (IT). Holding Bachelor’s degree in this field, she is responsible for international relations of the organization. Additionally, she has a certificate of Entrepreneurship Consulting (ESF) and has completed internship abroad in New York, USA. Mrs. Liszewska is also responsible for conducting research, translating and disseminating project results at our local level.