A not-for-profit NGO based in Brussels which provides education, training and networking in and around the subjects of sustainability; responsible consumption; entrepreneurship; soft skills; circular economy; employment; youth; rural development; and more.

www: www.propel-europe.com

Jessica Fitch

Jessica Fitch BA MA, founding partner of PROPEL, is extensively qualified in European politics and has previously worked as a civil society representative in the sectors of education, employment, youth, environment, innovative tech, civil society representation, and more. This has enabled her to have an important understanding of the needs of actors on the ground across the Union – particularly in terms of information, education and communication – and develop methods of addressing these, in a bid to build a more prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Europe for the future. Jessica Fitch is well-versed in research, developing methodologies and frameworks and communication strategies, drafting content for videos, articles, training modules, and more.

Diana Nitu

Diana Nitu is PROPEL’s project assistant and the newest addition to the team. With a LLB in Global Law and an MA in Conflict and Security, she has significant experience in project oversight, evaluation strategy, teaching and training youth, and implementation of educative courses. These prove to be essential skills in a project such as FOOD-AWARE where the youth is a central target and education is a central aim.