Intellectual Output 2:

Project training modules in theory

This IO will see the development of the contextualization and information modules, in order to provide background and context to the basic care provision modules which will follow. This will be particularly important in sensitizing users to the issue of mental health in rural areas, and why rural areas require different focus to urban ones in terms of marginalization, social inclusion and mental health.

The themes of the modules will be finalized in the first stage of the project, but the main points will include:

  1. Social Services
  2. Community Development
  3. Promotion of Social Inclusion
  4. Promotion of the Health and Well-being of People in Danger of Marginalisation

Feedback from all project partners will be sought and provided at different stages of the elaboration process. Ultimately, these will be tested on target users at two testing sessions (in Brussels and in Dunkerque), who will provide feedback and evaluation before finalizing the final modules. These will then be delivered via the training platform in an user-friendly and accessible manner.