Intellectual Output 1:

Project training platform and open educational resources

This IO will see the development of the project website including a training platform for the delivery of the project results and training materials. The training platform will take on feedback throughout the project process to ensure it is tailored to the RURAL MENTAL HEALTH project’s materials as well as possible.

The training methodology and training guide will be also created in this IO.

Also the visual identity of the project will be created in this IO.

Additionally, the following OERs will be developed in this IO:

  1. Checklist: how to identify the signs for the need of mental health care service
  2. Information pack: where to find and how to access mental health care services
  3. Animation Video: raising awareness of mental health care
  4. Case studies: a review on good practices addressing rural mental health

Throughout the project, all project partners will be in charge of delivering specific tasks. There will be a constant internal feedback process to ensure that all the project Intellectual Outputs and OERs are of the highest quality before they are delivered to the end-user.