This project has been developed with the aim to redress the inequality and imbalance between mental health provision in rural areas compared to urban ones. The main purpose of this project is to improve awareness and prevention of serious mental health issue occurences.

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Mental Health Europe

Tetiana Sykes

Tetiana is originally from Ukraine. She combines 10 years of experience in non-profit communications with a background in languages and design. Her expertise covers strategic and advocacy communications, campaigning, digital fundraising and marketing. In her previous roles, Tetiana worked on communication around issues that surround children and families in the context of deinstitutionalisation, supporting people with disabilities, advocating for the improvement of care and the promotion of social inclusion. Prior to joining MHE, she worked for Eurochild, International Foster Care Organisation, Partnership for Every Child and the Red Cross.

Marcin Rodzinka

Marcin is from Poland and holds a Master degree in Public Health from the Jagiellonian University Medical College. He has worked in the field of health and human rights for over 7 years and has experience in health inequalities and transparency issues. Marcin worked with the National Institute of Public Health in Poland and various human rights NGOs. His work previously focused on the health rights of LGBTI people including mental health and transparency within the healthcare sector. He published scientific articles in international journals and has experience in research (Health Technology Assessment, health inequalities), policy monitoring and advocacy work.

Claudia Marinetti

Claudia Marinetti is director at Mental Health Europe and has extensive expertise in the areas of health and its social determinants, well-being and equity. Claudia has worked for over 10 years across sectors to improve well-being via approaches based on human rights, access to quality services, HiAP, and social inclusion. Prior to joining MHE, she worked for EuroHealthNet, a not-for-profit partnership working on disease prevention, health promotion, and inequality reduction. Claudia is a graduate of the University of Padua (Italy) and holds a PhD in Social and Applied Psychology from the University of Oxford (UK).


Aurélien Dierckens

Aurélien Dierckens combines his specialization in social sector with his international’s skills. Graduated in political sciences, he is alumni of the College of Europe. He is fluent in English and Romanian. He has institutional experiences at General Inspectorate of Social Actions, Departmental Council of the North and National Union of Community Social Action Association. He was lobbyist at Brussels on social services at the European Trade Union Confederation. For 10 years, he works in the associative sector in France and as a consultant for the European institutions. Aurélien has an extensive experience in supporting social services for the implementation of European activities.

Théodora Marais

Théodora Marais holds a bachelor degree and a Master in Political Science with a specialisation in EU policies and project management, from the University of Lille, France. She is fluent in English, Portuguese, German and Wolof. As a volunteer she has worked with vulnerable people from children to elders supporting their inclusion, access to public and health services, alphabetisation and access to culture. She joined Afeji team in 2019, and since then has been involved in project development and management in the fields of inclusion, disabilities, migration, education and training.

Diaconia University od Applied Sciences

Päivi Niiranen-Linkama

Ms. Päivi Niiranen-Linkama works as a RDI-specialist in Diaconia University of Applied Sciences. The main focus in her work is to develop service-user -centered solutions and practices in social and health care services as a member of a multi-professional team. She also works in several EU -projects. Most of her career she has worked in universities of applied sciences in social work programs in different tasks. She also has expertise in professional pedagogy, adult education and issues of wellbeing of children and families but also of research-based development of working life.


Jessica Fitch

Jessica Fitch BA MA, founding partner of PROPEL, is extensively qualified in European politics and has previously worked as a civil society representative in the sectors of education, employment, youth, environment, innovative tech, civil society representation, and more. This has enabled her to have an important understanding of the needs of actors on the ground across the Union – particularly in terms of information, education and communication – and develop methods of addressing these, in a bid to build a more prosperous, inclusive and sustainable Europe for the future. Jessica Fitch is well-versed in research, developing methodologies and frameworks and communication strategies, drafting content for videos, articles, training modules, and more.

Diana Nitu

Diana Nitu is PROPEL’s project assistant and the newest addition to the team. With a LLB in Global Law and an MA in Conflict and Security, she has significant experience in project oversight, evaluation strategy, teaching and training youth, and implementation of educative courses. These prove to be essential skills in a project such as FOOD-AWARE where the youth is a central target and education is a central aim.

The Polish Farm Advisory and Training Centre not-for-profit Sp. z o.o.

Natalia Truszkowska

Natalia Truszkowska is an active practitioner of the PRINCE 2 Project Management Qualification. She has a BA Degree in Spanish and German and holds a Master‘s Degree in International Business Management with a specialisation in small and medium sized enterprises and female entrepreneurship. In addition to that, she has professional experience in the area of rural development and agriculture. Mrs. Truszkowska has managed and worked on many EU funded projects for ten years, gaining experience in project development, implementation, management, and coordination at Brussels level. These projects have spanned across a variety of issues and challenges in relation to vocational education and training, adult learning, and youth actions.

Merseyside Expanding Horizons (MEH)

Joe Hemington

Joe Hemington is the Assistant Chief Executive at Merseyside Expanding Horizons and acts in a senior role capacity at MEH. Joe takes a lead role in the strategic management and development of MEH, and also support the day to day running of both European (ESIF and Erasmus+) and locally funded programmes. Joe has successful track record of delivering and designing support programmes and initiatives engaging with individuals, professionals and organisations/enterprises promoting social inclusion and developing new programmes and innovations. In particular, Joe has vast experience of supporting at risk young people and developing mentoring and innovative employments and enterprise programmes for hard to reach groups.

Nicola Daley

Nicola is the Chief Executive of MEH and has worked at MEH for over 18 years, previous roles included project management and development in the voluntary and public sector with a specific focus on European and Transnational co-operation. Nicola has significant experience in business planning, strategic development, fundraising and financial planning as well as programme delivery and development of multi-agency learning, employment and enterprise programmes particularly working in the fields of Social Inclusion, Equality and Diversity, Learning and Employment, Social Enterprise and Health at a Local, National and European Level. Nicola is on the trustee board of Options, a charity which supports people with learning disabilities across Merseyside and a director of the European Network for Active Living and Mental Health (ENAMLH).

Events & news

Rural Mental Health - Kick off meeting in France – November 2019​

In November 2019 the Rural Mental Health project had its 1st transnational meeting, hosted by the project coordinator Afeji - ASSOCIATION DES FLANDRES POUR L'EDUCATION DES ENFANTS ET ADOLESCENTS INADAPTES in France.

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The second project meeting in May 2020

The second international meeting of the RMH project was to take place in Finland. Unfortunately, due to the overall global pandemic situation, it was held online on 13-14 May 2020. Nevertheless, it was very

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Project Coordinator:

Dorian Martin

European Projects Coordinator


199/201 Rue Colbert

Bâtiment Ypres

59000 Lille, FRANCE